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Iron Craft: Peep Art

This week's Iron Craft challenge was to make something involving Peeps.

I'm shameless when it comes to searching the internet for craft ideas. Especially if the challenge is something I've never thought to craft with before, like Peeps.

There really are some fun and clever craft projects that involve Peeps. But, many of them required a large number of Peeps and I just did not want that much sugar in my house. It's been over a decade since I've had a Peep. Right now I'm on a carb-free diet (mostly carb-free) and having a large number of Peeps in the house would drive me nuts.

I was very happy to find this project here.

I really like how this turned out.

I bought the box frame at the thrift store. I paid a bit more than other stuff I buy at the thrift store. I've wanted a frame like this for years, so shelling out the $5 was no problem. When I'm through with looking at the Peeps, I can pop them right out and move on to another project with the frame.

And, in case you are wondering, I managed to eat only that bit that was bit off for the project. I promptly walked the halved Peeps and the remainders over to my neighbor's house and gave it to his son.

Challenge done. Week 15. I'm feeling good about meeting these challenges!


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