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Iron Craft: Wish You Were There

Wish I was there! Anywhere! Been trying to plan a trip this Spring but haven't been able to pull it off. Instead I've been focusing on this Week's Iron Craft challenge.

The challenge was to create a postcard. I ended up making five: four for a series and one on it's own. I found some lovely Inuit Art on my set of Word clipart and paired them with quotes. I chose birds and decided to call the series "The Return of the Lonely Bird." They are sort of melancholy.

I like these so much that I think I am going to make them bigger and frame them. It was inspiring, actually. We are going to sell our house and buy a larger in the area. Our home is very small, just perfect for the childless couple we were in the 14 years we've lived here. But now we need something a bit bigger. And this week's challenge made me very excited about the prospects. I have a few other pieces of Inuit Art I bought up in Grand Marais, MN so I'm imaging a whole room full!

I couldn't find any happier, livelier quotes so I had to settle for these darker phrases.

The Loon is Minnesota's state bird. I love hearing loon calls coming from the lakes and rivers.

It was this Raven that started the whole series. Of course, I love ravens so much I gave the name to my child (it's her middle name).

But, this is my favorite card. I love the message. So true!

The Baby Lotus Bud couldn't keep her hands off them!

I intended to do a whole Hafiz series. I don't consider myself a religious person, but spirituality plays a big part of my life. I admire the poetry of Hafiz and Rumi and hoped to use their words for these postcard creations. However, most of my ideas fell apart during production. I had these stamp-like things that are from Afghanistan and I tried to put ink on them for imprints behind the quotes. It didn't work and as I went to rinse the ink off them, I realized that the material used to make these stamps was staining my hands. These stamps are used to make batik prints and it works well on cloth, but not on paper.

I learned a lot through the process and hope to able to craft something a bit later.

Anyway, so here is a better look at it.

This week's challenge was great fun! There is even a postcard swap. I guess I'll have to pick one to part with.

Did you notice I got away from the knitting for a week? Yeah me!


  1. They are lovely. I'll have to look for something for you when I got to Alaska this fall.


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