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Back and Ready to Start the CSA!

Hey, y'all! I've been out of town, but truthfully, I've been a bit out of touch with this whole blogging business lately. Now that I'm back from my vacation, I'm rejuvenated and ready to blog. And, on top of all that, my neighbor kindly picked up our first CSA delivery for us while we were gone (and he didn't take any for himself), so I returned to a couple of shelves full of awesome, organic vegetables grown right here in this region - local, y'all. OK, so it is from the next state over, but that's still considered local to me.

I was even happy to see the parsnips! Seriously - I must be delirious or something, got CSA fever to be saying I was happy to see the parsnips.

There's a new chef on the farm and already she's got me excited. She cooks for a crew of 45 and she blogs about it here. I love that she posts her menus, just like Kat.

So, why do I like her? Well, she wrote a recipe for deviled eggs in the HVF newsletter. It's a recipe that includes ramps. I'm new to deviled eggs. I just tried my first sometime in the week before last with a friend when we spent the evening at Psycho Suzi's. Having grown up with this comfort food, my friend had said that she will order it anytime she sees it on the menu. But, Chef Boni's deviled eggs include ramps! I think I already mentioned that, but ramps have such a short season that I get excited to try new recipes with them. Another bonus - the recipe is for two - perfect!

Did I tell you that I have my own vast supply of ramps at the Airstream retreat? We were just there and they (the ramps) were growing everywhere. I've said before that ramps seem like little emerald jewels poking up in the Spring - a sure sign that Spring is finally here in the Midwest!

I've got lots to share - our trip up the Keweenaw Peninsula, our night at the Airstream retreat, and the joy of the first CSA box. Also, I'm so overdue with the letters to the Baby Lotus Bud. Got lots to do and am definitely going to do it all.

I'll write more soon. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You sound bright and refreshed....its lovely to hear :) And hey, what's wrong with parsnips....one of my favourite veg (try it mashed with carrot).

    love and hugs xxx

  2. Hi Elle! For some reason, parsnips and I just don't get along. They smell funny to when I cook them, but I know the baby likes them so perhaps that will give me a whole new perspective! Good to hear from you and yes, I feel bright these days - the weather helps tremendously with that along with a wonderful vacation.


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