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Iron Craft: Spring Contest

We were out of town last week. In the Keweenaw peninsula up in UP Michigan, in that upper, northern little peninsula that juts out into Lake Superior. So I did not craft and I missed it. I brought my craft supplies with me, I was planning to do another embroidery project. But I never got the time and I am sort of glad about that.

What I really am happy about is that I didn't miss the Spring Contest week. I fantasize (yes, fantasize is the right word) about winning Iron Craft contests, but I know that I am not that talented, or else, I don't hit the mark on the particular contest weeks.

Anyway, so this week's Iron Craft challenge is to do something Spring. And it's a contest with voting and all. Go, and vote, my friends.

I had picked up a book from the library called The Big-Ass Book of Crafts (by Mark Montano) and while it is a big-ass book, I didn't see a whole lot of projects that I could pull off. I did however see this one project and fell in love with it: a 3-D Blossom Box. I lusted (and again, lusted is the right word) over this project idea. This week's challenge seemed the perfect time to try it.

Another thing I should mention is that we did not come home until Saturday. So, I started a bit late. Thankfully I still had the library book at home, but I didn't have a few essential crafting tools. I didn't have a glue gun nor any glitter. I had plenty of dogwood branches in my back yard, but I didn't have the right color cardstock for the flowers. I headed to the craft store after hours of driving home from our vacation. I bought the necessary items and actually felt quite energized about doing all this. Then I realized the glue gun I bought did not work.


So I gave it up for the night and went back to the craft store on Mother's Day.

OK, Lotus, cut to the picture...

How do you like that? Huh?

I love it!

It reminds me of spring blossoms that are now abundant in my neighborhood - a month late, but thankfully, they are finally here.

OK, so a word about glue guns. This was my first one, well actually, my second one since the first one I bought was bunk.

Hello glue gun! Where have you been all my life? Loved it! LOVED it!

And, the glitter? Not a fan of glitter. But this project pops with the glitter in the center of the flowers and on the branches, don't you think?

Thanks Mark Montano! You've unleashed some new passions in my life. And now that I am less than 20 days from my 40th birthday, I think that means a lot. It took me nearly 40 years, but now - NOW - I have a glue gun!


  1. you were very determined to get this week's project done! I'm not sure how any good crafty home can be without a glue gun!?

  2. Now I know what I have been missing all these years!

  3. You are too cute. *grins* Its just fabulous. I love your crafting!

  4. Thanks Yvonne! I'm feeling mighty proud of it and it was fun.

  5. The box is stunning. Bravo!
    Now that you have glitter and a glue gun, your chances of winning a contest in the future have gone up exponentially! 40 is the new 30! Welcome to it!

  6. I love it! Such a great job! BTW, I do own a glue gun but I hate using it! So for the times I need a quick drying glue, I like to use Aleene's quick dry tacky glue. Love it! My glue gun is now collecting dust so it is possible to be crafty and not use a glue gun! :-)

  7. You are so right, Shopgirl! I'm starting to look forward to 40.

    Thanks for the tip Luluvision! I noticed the tacky glue during my last trip to the craft store. When I run out of glue sticks, I'll try it!


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