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So can you.

Mama Karma

Baby got new shoes today. From REI. Then the Big D found a pair he liked and it was the same brand - Keen. So I thought "oh hell, I'm not going to be left out on a new pair of shoes" so I ended up finding a pair of sandals in the same brand. The whole family got new shoes.

From REI. At least we'll get that 10% dividend.

Next year. Just in time for another new round of shoes.

See my toes painted in blue? It scares the crap out of Lotus Bud when I wiggle my big toe at her. Am I bad because I think this is hilarious? Nope. And, so I keep on doing it. Besides, I know she'll get me back some day.

Sometimes I think she's already plotting her revenge!


  1. Lol! I got Keen's this year too though I was lucky & found them at DSW.

  2. Thanks Yvonne! She's also cute and adorable and mostly, all fun.

    Kat - I'd never heard of Keen until yesterday and just today a few people have said they bought Keen shoes. I love mine already!


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