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Iron Craft: Al Fresco

I took the simple route for this week's Iron Craft challenge. I decided to do one of the craft projects suggested on the site, a craft featured on Dollar Store Crafts. Except I did something much simpler than what was featured. Go look at the pretty paper lanterns and be impressed. They are great, mine are not.

The only impressive thing I did was to use all materials I had on hand and so I managed to use up left over scraps of cardstock and the one remaining roll of ribbon in my home. I also used some of the glitter I bought for a previous week's project.

My intention was to take these paper lanterns and hang them in the trees at our Airstream retreat property in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, it rained when we were there and on top of that, our power kept cutting out because of all the humidity so we left the very evening on the day we arrived. Temps were going to dip down into the 30s that night and so too cold for the Lotus Bud.

We finally got a sunny, but windy day down in the City. The bonus of being home for the long holiday weekend was that I got to work on my garden/yard!

Looking forward to the next challenge and hopefully by then, I won't be so tired out and ready to something more interesting!


  1. These made me smile. I love your creative spirit....it makes the world a more beautiful place.

    love and hugs xxx


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