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Iron Craft: Reuse [Baby Jars]

I have too many baby jars. More than I'd like to admit because that admission would reveal that I hadn't made all the baby food for the little Lotus Bud. I did make a good amount of food, but we still use one jar of baby food a day. She gets a jar of prunes to keep her regular.

This week's Iron Craft challenge was the perfect opportunity to use up these jars.

This is going to be another one of those on-going projects for me. I was able to make three for this challenge and that number was limited by the amount of wire I had available. I got the copper wire from a neighbor and this pleased me because I was able to re-use all the materials for this project!

I plan to make more and hang them in the low lying branches that surround our firepit. Unfortunately we weren't able to to go out to our Airstream property this last weekend so the picture is from our city garden.

I'm so very glad I saved all those bottles instead of recycling them!


  1. Oh yeah, save those bottle, they would be perfect for some many different projects.

  2. I love them! great photography too!


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