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Iron Craft - Stars and Stripes

This week's Iron Craft challenge should have come together really quick, but I was a little off my game considering I was being attacked by an army of mosquitoes and stalked by some tenacious deer flies. Seriously, at one point, there seemed to be a cavalry of mosquitoes prepared to conquer, a consolidated effort to suck my blood. Ugh.

So the effort took me two nights, but it got done. And I am mighty pleased!

Last week's craft project feel apart on the drive to our woodland Airstream retreat. The glue gun failed me. Perhaps because the glue wasn't appropriate for wood. Because of this I was able to reuse the crystal beads for this week's project.

The most fun was finding a place to hang the star. It inspired me to do more. I'm imagining many weekend evenings dedicated to making more of these, except from now on I will be using hemp twine to bind the twigs together.

The only unfortunate occurrence is that I got so caught up in binding, I was really delayed with dinner. We didn't eat until 10:30! But you know - everything tastes good when it's been cooked over a big campfire!


  1. Dinner is often late in our house due to crafting!

  2. I really like this. It would be cool to come across this while walking in the woods.


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