Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

The End of the Year

Wow. It's here. The end of 2011 has arrived. I meant this to be a year in review post, but since I haven't posted since October, I do believe I was done with 2011 a long time ago. Instead I will share where I have been these last few weeks.

We fled family and thought we were fleeing snow for the Holidays. We failed on both accounts, both pleasant reminders of this life we choose to live.

Family is everywhere we happen to be.

And it is she, the beautiful one, who makes all light and love possible.

There were two goals I wanted for my photography by year's end. First, I wanted to shoot an iconic image in a not-so-usual-way. Second, I wanted to upload pictures that were straight-out-the-camera shots.

Success is abundant in the desert.

For much of the year I felt like I was just a shadow of my self. Corny. I know. Cliche. Oh, yes.

But, true. Nonetheless.

So I sought healing. In a hot tub.

But really found it at an impromptu yoga class. Possibly the most spiritual yoga class I have ever attended. Perhaps it is the desert environment that leads more easily to the path of the sacred and meaningful.

So there I was.
There I am.
Here I be.
With the snow behind me, my Jeep at my side, feeling stronger everyday.

On the day we went out for an easy Jeep drive, we turned around because it wasn't so easy. Instead we took this road. Still a bit difficult and bumpy. Beautiful and full of color. Full of challenge and the unexpected.

The road ahead looks good, doesn't it?

My life has taken a turn, but I do believe the road is better for it.


  1. Happy new year. I hope this new one holds lots of wonderful things for you.

  2. What a beautiful post! Thanks for the inspiration at the dawn of this new year. All best to you in 2012.

  3. You look beautiful...you all look beautiful. Sending you happy thoughts and smiles!

  4. The photo of you with the jeep is awesome (as are all the photos), but that one is just SO you.


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