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Iron Craft: Paper

I should title this post "Feeding Her Obsession" because my Lotus Bud is obsessed with penguins. This is the first Iron Craft challenge for 2012 and it was very exciting to be back to it. Those of you who might be interested in joining - now is the time!

So, I should admit, she's never actually seen a penguin in real life. She is in love with movie "Happy Feet." I happen to like this movie as well, which is a good thing, because she wants to watch it a lot. This helped, oh so much, on our 20 hour road trip.

I made stencil cut-outs of penguins...

...then, hung them on her wall, above her crib. Don't they look delightful against the blue wall paint. Almost as if they are backed up to a glacier. Sort of...if that glacier was in my backyard in NE Minneapolis.

At first I was a bit annoyed that I only had two stencils, then I realized I could flip them for some variety. And, of course, my cutting wasn't all that precise, so there you go - penguins with some individuality.

Iron Craft is an every-other week challenge this year and for that, I am glad. Also, my goal for this year is to re-purpose or use mostly, only supplies I have on hand for these craft challenges. I collected enough materials last year for many projects, so it should be fairly easy to use what is on hand.

Join me, my friends! It's a blast to be a part of this crafting community!


  1. Love it! Over Christmas I stenciled the archway in my kitchen. It's pretty elaborate and is the most challenging house project I've done, but so worth it. (Your penguins look great - the slight imperfections are charming.)

  2. Those are just darling! You need to take her to the zoo to see the real penguins.

  3. It looks fabulous and what a luscious color for your daughter's room!

  4. Yeah penguins!

    I might have just a wee bit of penguin obsession as well...


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