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Iron Craft: Catalogue Creations

So, two weeks ago I didn't get around to finishing my Iron Craft challenge. I had gathered the materials, but the time needed to put together my project just did not materialize.

This week I did two projects and maybe, it was to make up for the last challenge. Or maybe it's because I wanted to do both of them and the longer time span for this year's Iron Craft challenges allow for multiple projects.

The first I found in a round about way. I followed a link through Just Crafty Enough that led to a tutorial about recreating an Urban Outfitters wall decoration. When I saw these I knew that I had to make the flowers for Lotus Bud's room.

I bought those animal prints before Lotus Bud was born. I thought they were super cute, but now I don't know. I'm not sure I like them anymore. Adding the flowers made that wall decoration so much more personal. And the flowers brought Spring into the room.

My second craft was inspired by a t-shirt from Dharma Shop (the shirt on the right of the image below). About two seconds after finishing the iron-patch, I realized that I should have chosen a different color shirt. I had orange and green shirts available but passed them over. That was a big mistake. I like it anyway, I just think if I had chosen a different color shirt, the image would have stood out better. The shirt would have been more vibrant.

Done and done.

I'm so glad we had some sunshine today for the photos!


  1. Two projects good for you & I know you had to start one of them over.

  2. I love the animal prints! So cute!!!


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