Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Letters to the Lotus Bud: Year 2

Oh, My Love,

You have grown.

You were once like this...

...and now you are this lovely little girl.

We had a small birthday party for you this year. Just the three of us - you, me and daddy.

Hey! No cracks about us getting old. Truth be told, you make us young again. Enjoying the zoo with you and watching your excitement over finally meeting those creatures you are obsessed with.

Yes, I know. One day we will have a long, difficult discussion about keeping animals in the zoo. We will remember how much you were moved by Happy Feet. How sad we all are about the small confined area that keep these amazing birds. But, for now, I will take that look of sheer surprise, the 'o' that your mouth molded into when you spotted them through the window, the wonder in your voice as I made one of the penguins follow my finger as it went swimming by. I thought you would have a heart attack with all the excitement. One day it will all change and hopefully on that day, you will set your sites for Antarctica and I really hope you do because I am going to visit your while you are down there doing serious scientific research that could very well save this planet. One day. For now, I will take the joy.

I promise, I tried my best to make you a cake. It was my first, you see. I know it looks like the leaning tower of s**t. But you ate it anyway.

Well, I guess you just kept sticking your fingers into the icing and licking your fingers. I still believe you liked it and that's what counts.

That's the thing, Shunks. You make me want to do things better for you. I try everyday to be a better Moogy and I know that day will never come when I will do it perfect because that's not what it's about, is it? It's each and every day of trying, living, being. Every single day of you being in my life is wonderful.

Thank you for being you.