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The Roots of Winter

As Winter continues to be undecided about itself, I am decidedly happy for my extended CSA share. I feel so much gratitude for these nourishing vegetables this year. It's definitely a new experience for me. I've been roasting up vegetables for lunch. I still have trouble telling the difference between a rutabaga and a turnip, but details like do not matter when both roast up deliciously.

So, did you hear? Phil apparently saw his shadow today. 6 more weeks of winter. If it means 6 more weeks of the kind of winter where the day begins in fog, then temps rise to 40 degrees, I don't mind. Honestly though, I could use a bit more snow.


  1. YUM : ) I see potential in that for sure!

    About the interviews, don't feel small! Feel empowered because someday soon you can be JUST where they are : ) Or you can be at your own fabulous place.

    The girl today was OFF the hook fantastic, right? : ) She blows me out of the water!

    Thank you for reading. You are so sweet.

  2. Oh, I love the root vegetables, especially roasted, they turn into such sweet treats.


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