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Beauty and the Beast

The day is full of contrasts when visiting the Zoo in March. There is the warmth and humidity of the Tropics Trail. It is full of monkeys, turtles, wild flowers, flamingos. Then, there is the cold and snow-globe like snow of the outdoor trail full of bears, camels, bison and prairie dogs.

The inside is crowded, noisy and full of activity. The outside trail is more quiet, less-traveled and chilly.

As for the Zoo itself, well, that was all fun!

Lotus List Update: I have now visited 8 out of the 17 locations featured in the Museum Adventure Pass Program. I think this is the last year so I have 9 more to visit before this program runs out. This was a great way to learn more about the Twin Cities and I am bummed that the program will no longer be available especially for those who could not otherwise afford the entrance for many of these places.


  1. Hi, I found you via Chookooloonks and clicked because I live in the Mpls area also. I didn't know the Museum Adventure Pass is in its last year. Thanks for the tip!

  2. BEST BEARS EVER. That is all.

  3. Great to "meet" you, Heather! I saw the signs about the end of the Museum Adventure Pass earlier this year, but I haven't seen them recently. But, then my library is going through a renovation, so it might be they temporarily took the sign down. It would be a shame not to have the program anymore!

    Joy - Those bears were awesome. A little scare, but awesome, nonetheless!


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