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Iron Craft: Dollar Store Project

Couple of things I need to say about setting up the Iron Craft challenge #5:
1. I had purchased these items from a dollar store for another project which I didn't have enough time to do.
2. I sure was happy that this week's project is to use items from a dollar store!
3. It was a great weekend to be outside - so warm and sunny.
4. It was a horrible weekend to be outside using the propane burner - too much wind.
5. I have no "final" pictures of the finished product because I intend to use them when we head up to out WI property (hopefully this weekend).

So, on to the project. I got the idea from here. It's a fantastic tutorial so there's really no need to show all my own steps.

The cast of characters (I've wanted to write that ever since I saw it on a cooking blog):

I got the spatula (didn't use), the can of tomatoes and the emergency candles from the dollar store. The lint is from my dryer (ditto on the no usage). The wood chips are from my garage and the sawdust is from my neighbor (who unfortunately had many branches down from last week's storm). I ended up having way too much sawdust and I didn't like that way the sawdust-only fire starters turned out, BUT I learned out how to make these handy-dandy things and that's what counts!

An alternative title for this post is "How I Spent an Hour Watching Wax Melt." No kidding. I stood by and kept a vigil on the burner because it kept blowing out. Pesky wind. An hour, I tell you. But it was an hour on a warm and sunny day.

And, yes I bought that can of tomatoes just to melt the wax. I threw out the contents of the can. Wasteful, yes. Honestly, it didn't look like a healthy can of tomatoes.

I can't wait to make more. Hopefully, next week I'll have a photo of those suckers burning.


  1. yeah, canned tomatoes can be bad enough but dollar store canned tomatoes, ugh. Those fire starters should come in pretty useful at the airstream


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