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13 - Airstream Trailer Christmas Lights

We hung the Airstream Trailer Christmas lights around the dining room window for D's birthday party. In this picture they totally look like little UFAs, don't they?  The three of us thoroughly enjoyed the festive brightness these lights added to our little party.

A friend of D found these Airstream trailer Christmas lights at a garage sale. I think he picked up three strings of the lights. This is the first year we've hung them. D surprised us all by secretly packing them for our trip to Moab and hung them on the little fake tree at the rental condo.

Before we bought the 70s trailer for our woodland retreat we had no idea about the hoopla around Airstreams. To tell you the truth, I didn't like these when they were so generously given to us. Now I love them! Cute little things. We might have to get a Christmas tree next year just so we can hang them again.


  1. Cute! My mom bought me a string of pink flamingo lights that I hung around the interior windows in Sadie. They never fail to delight when I switch them on after a long day exploring.


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