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19 - after dinner

We started making the act of eating together as a family a priority sometime last June. Tonight was a magic evening when the wine made the lights brighter and everyone heartily ate their dinner. We're clearing out the wine that D got for presents in December. Despite how I enjoyed it all tonight, I have to say that I'm not a fan of those wines that mix it up like this one which was a grenache and a syrah - even if it is French.


  1. Manisha. Such a cool shot. I like mixes, it just depends on what kind. I'm kind of plainer on that note - a cab/merlot blend can be nice. But i'd rather drink my wine straightforward. Give me a grenache. Give me a syrah. Don't put both in one bottle. It makes me feel like you had left over barrels and didn't know what to do with them ;-)


  2. We do have lots of wine to go through. Usually I give them away, but this year I decided to keep them. I stopped drinking red wine years ago but after that last bottle, I'm sitting here wondering why such a notion every crossed my mind. I think I also need to open my mind to mixes. Cheers to you, Kirin!


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