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3/365 & 3.1

We like to take road trips. In 2012 we decided to mail off letters to ourselves from the different places we stayed. We've stayed in cabins and condos, some found on VRBO and some that have become annual haunts. Along the way I am always gathering information about interesting places to stop. I have postcards, receipts, brochures, etc. Many of these ended up in the envelopes along with accounts of our day. It's a collective journal of our trip. And, it's fun to get nice, thick envelopes in the mail.


  1. I agree! It was fun to see these stack up and a great way to organize all the paper souvenirs. Now my only problem is trying to figure out when to open them. We were going to on New Year's Eve but then decided we liked the stack too much to disturb them. Now they are in box awaiting the right moment.


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