Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Colors and a bird (of course)

When winter sets into Minnesota I can easily forget the beauty of a colorful environment. That's not said to show any disrespect for my home state. I would live no where else. I choose to live no where else but the great state of Minnesota.

Of course in the Minnesota winter we have blues as deep and rich as this.

But I wouldn't be able to sit out here and lunch on shrimp that arrived by this very boat on this very morning.

And I couldn't enjoy this beer as much as I did here in Tarpon Springs, FL.

This bird.  I think I know this bird.  She peeped and chirped as she flew by my house on her way south.  It was nice to rendezvous.  She was polite enough not to smirk and tweet '"I told you so."  She just smiled and said "Glad you could join me, M!"

Here even the faded colors are bright.

Everything seems yummy.  Even the soap.

The sun starts to add color to my little love's hair.  I love seeing the blond start to streak.

So let me say this:  Minnesota - I love ya but you've been giving me the cold shoulder lately.  The cold shoulder, the cold hands, the cold feet, the cold everything.  I'm taking a break from you.  But I'll be back soon.