Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

I am a Superhero

no capes. just courage.

I took Andrea Scher's photography e-course.  I took the course with the idea that I wanted to like my photos better and that I wanted to like them enough to print some out, perhaps enlarge a few and hang them on the walls.  My ulterior motive is that I wanted to venture back into film photography but felt I needed to earn this right.  Film is expensive and I could not go into a new project without fresh energy towards photography.  I found this enthusiasm and I found much, much more.  I'm sharing here a collection of my favorite photos from the course.

Andrea helped me recognize my superhero powers.  I knew that one of my superhero powers was the ability to make things appear for me when I wished for it.  I knew I could open my eyes and open my heart, and make things happen.  I learned that's what my photography means to me.

I just needed the right pair of boots and the right skirt.

What I didn't know was that I could be brave.  The self-portrait assignments helped me see myself in a totally different light.  I needed to see myself this way, no make-up, no smile, just me, me, me.

Another superhero power I discovered was that I could take the simple, ordinary things in life and make them interesting and bright.  I could bring light to everything around me.

I could take an ordinary shot of the sidewalk in front of my house and inject it with fun and action.  I can take the trivial moments of my life as Mom and make them extraordinary.

During the month of this e-course, we went on our annual Thanksgiving trip to the North Shore of Minnesota.  I came away from that with photos that not only recorded the things we did, but also with many of those wonderful emotions felt on each occasion.

I captured the magic of our lunch out on the Artist's Point in Grand Marais.  Not a person in sight, just sea gulls and crashing Lake Superior waves.

My boots carried me out to this magnificent place...

Sugar Loaf Cove beach...another place for lunch.  Right there on the rocks, with gray skies and unseasonably warm temps, our lunch was the perfect respite after the wooded hike.

In the afternoon, while the Lotus Bud napped, we took meandering Jeep drives through the forest.  We found abandoned campgrounds and bubbling streams.

We had a chance to find each other - not Big Daddy and Moogy, just Dave and Manisha.  I did that.  I made that happen.  With some help, of course.  I've never known a superhero who did it all on their own.

We found the moon.

We searched for stars after we built a bonfire on shores of Lake Superior.

My favorite photo:

This photo means to me that the road is clear.  The path is waiting.  I can make things happen.  I can be happy when I want.  I have superhero powers and I use them to do good.  Good for me and good for my family.


  1. It's so very nice to see your face again. It's even better to know you see yourself the way I see you.

    Blessings, lovely lady.


  2. You, my friend, make me feel loved. Thank you. Those self-portrait assignments needed courage that I didn't know that I had.

  3. Wonderful to see your confidence growing! Love the photos and looking forward to more.

  4. Deonne - confidence has always been an issue for me personally and in terms of my photography, so I will work on the photographic confidence and hopefully that will infuse the rest of my life with courage. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I love your photography. I have always wanted to become better and it's definitely on my list, but it's a talent I think is so wonderful to have. Your daughter is freaking beautiful - love how you caught her mid-run!


  6. Thanks, Kiran! It was so nice of you to visit here. I have been working on my photography for decades, but it's just now getting much better probably because I have such a beautiful little girl. There are so many wonderful resources available online that can help you get to where you want to be with your camera. And, I'm always looking for people to share photo ideas with so if you ever want to try something together, just know that you can count on me!


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