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Iron Craft: Orange You Glad...

I love the color orange. Still, I had trouble coming up with a project for the 2nd Iron Craft challenge of the year.

The idea came to me when I was...ahem...in the bathroom. Just taking a leak, mind you. It was nighttime and the room looked gloomy. There is lots of color in the bathroom, lots of blue and green, but nothing that really pops. I knew I could do something about that. I had the extra challenge of time. Lotus Bud and I are leaving town to visit her Grandparents in Florida so I knew I had to complete my project and complete my post before leaving or else.

Limited by time and supplies, I decided to embroider a little orange flower on to one of the bathroom hand towels.  I'm interested in embroidery and I have done a couple of stitched projects for Iron Craft in the past (here and here - please go and look because I think they are pretty amazing).

I had plenty of orange floss, but I couldn't find my hoop so I decided to just freehand it.  I was totally inspired by these flowers.  Of course there were quite a few false starts.  I pulled all the green and started over with a lighter shade.

Three stitches:  straight stitch, backstitch and french knots.  Just basic stuff with big results.

The finished towel really brightened up this corner of the bathroom.

I want to try my  hand at some more embroidery.  I'm thankful for Iron Craft because I get challenged to try something new.  This time around I learned that I don't necessarily need to go big.  I can try a technique on something little, just like this towel.


  1. This really makes me want to do it to all the towels in my guest bathroom.

  2. Manisha - those are gorgeous. You are going to start an etsy shop, right? So talented!

  3. I love the pop of color, it's very eye catching


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