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Lotus List 2012 Update

#21 Sample 50 microbrews: Squatter's Brewery - Big Cottonwood from Utah. Love, love, love this beer! Love, love, love the label.

#29 Spend a few days in the Badlands, South Dakota. Done. These photos are from our Mother's Day trip out west. The Badlands were amazing, but our stay in the Black Hills was even better.

#39 Join a photo club. I hung out a few times with the F-Stop Group at the Minneapolis Photo Center. There were lots and lots of men. Literally just a handful of women. I kept going back but did not feel I wanted to share any of my photos. Would not. Could not. I need to think about why that is. But I've started my new photo project with a large format camera, and perhaps now I will feel like sharing. That's the whole point of joining a photo club, isn't it?

#94 Make kitchen curtains. I found some at the thrift store and altered them a bit. I think that counts.

I've (sort of) crossed off 4 items on my Life List. It feels good. Now I am going to go through the list and revise it. I find that I've got a lot of travel on my list, but overseas travel is not real high on my priority list right now. I want to wait until the Lotus Bud is older. I'm striving to find more, everyday sort of things to add to my list, not just a bunch of once-in-a-lifetime journeys.


  1. Good for you. I did one of my big items this year, enter something in the fair. I need to think of more life list goals as well.

  2. I remember you entered mittens in the fair and got 2nd prize! That's awesome. I would love to compare lift lists with you sometime.


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