54 more than two decades of change

At our Valentine's Day dinner, an old friend of mine surprised me with this photo. It was taken when I was 18, more than 23 years ago. How things change.

This week was all about trying self-portraits. It is a difficult and gut-wrenching process for me. Still emotionally wounded and hurting from my trip to Florida, all I see in these photos of myself is my mother, and sometime my sister. I'm more like than I would like to be - and not in just physical ways.


  1. I haven't met the women in your family. I haven't met them except through you sharing your thoughts and feelings. What I see, is a beautiful women...perhaps a little sad, but with a shining heart. A heart of love.

    1. Yes, I'm a bit sad these days. When the warm weather hit this weekend (30s is warm to me!) I realized that the cold weather also had me down. You are someone that has pointed this out to me every stinking year. I thank you for your kind words!


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