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39 - Again...

...not in Moscow. This photo was taken this morning in NE Minneapolis. And it is my favorite in this pear series. I like the defining, white light shining off the side of the pears. The light seems fresh and promising, despite the shadows cast but the angle of the sun. It seems to add a depth to the photo that is lacking in the ones taken in the afternoon sun.

I'm taking another photo e-course with Andrea Scher and this week we are encouraged to be light seekers, to pay attention to light in the various daylight hours, to experiment photographing an object during different times of the day.

Yesterday's photo was taken in the mid-afternoon.  It was a cloud-covered day.

This next one is from late afternoon today.

 Lots of sunshine. It's good to be prompted to take these few minutes in the day to take a photograph, to practice my art, to breathe into the moment by the clicking the shutter.

I would like to say no pears were harmed in the making of these photos, but these pears have been sitting around for a while. They should be pear sauce, but I keep them around because they are beautiful in the sunlight.


  1. Love that first photo. The light and the composition... Stunning. Pears are a great subject, my favorite painting I've made is of pears, I can show you next time you're over if you'd like.

  2. Yes, please, Casey, I would love to see your painting!


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