Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

It was a good 19

We've had a lot of great anniversaries, but I think this year - the 19th anniversary - was the most fun!

The gift suggestion for 19 years is bronze.  Our gift to each other was a bronze bottle opener found on Etsy. It's engraved on both sides.  It takes care of the need to commemorate the date without worrying about gifts and cards and flowers.  This things is lovely, functional and perfect!

I had planned on taking more photos but you know how it is when photos are somewhat important so the pressure is on? That is exactly the moment when both the memory card and the wireless remote were acting strangely. On top of that, I just wanted to have fun.

Those are our good friends who claimed to not know how to skate.  But they were both good and I ended up being the awkward one on ice.

It turned out to be a night for phone cameras.

Dave is such a great skater, confident and casual.  He'd come around behind me, spin into skating in front, then grab my hands and pull me fast down the ice.  And oh my god, he is sexy on ice.  No kidding.  I just wanted to fall on him right there and do the you-know-what.  Instead I just fell.

This diva can skate!

Later we went for dinner at Charlie's.  A warm fire outside, a martini or two inside.

Oh yeah.  19 effing years!

Cheers to 19 more!