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Iron Craft: Green

Iron Craft is about taking on challenges or putting the plans for a project in motion or setting aside time to do something simply for the sake of doing. It's not limited by strict adherence to craft-from-scratch. A store bought item can be embellished or re-purposed or deconstructed.  It seems all projects, so long as it is done within the designated time frame, are encouraged and cheered. This year I find myself looking at past success and trying again, in a different way.

spring flowers

happy feet

This challenge was green or "green" and so I combined the two.  I took Niobe's paintings and cut into them with butterfly stencils.  I put some green butterflies in the mix and I re-used her lovely artwork - stuff that's impossible to throw away but can no longer sit in piles throughout my house.

She chooses a different color muse each time.

I like playing with scissors and I know that Niobe likes sticking things on the walls.  I combined these two which led to a pleasant afternoon. See. Mama and daughter  can both be happy.  I need this reminder every once and a while.  I never would have found the right pattern for the butterflies without her.  That could only come from the mind of my child. The experience gave me an opportunity to put the "om" back in mom.

There used to be baby animals and penguins in her room.  Those have come down and been replaced by elements that represent the seasons: autumn leaves, winter snowflakes, spring flowers and now, summer butterflies. She's had more say in how her room is decorated even though the ideas come from me. I wanted to put these butterflies on the dining room windows but she insisted they fly in her room. I'm coming to see the real wonder of sharing life with a little girl.


  1. You can also cut her artwork in strips and then weave them into something else. I have done with to make placemats that I then laminated.

    1. Great idea, Dr. Russ. I think I will try that. I'm sure you are full of good paper-crafty ideas!

  2. I'm glad it has given you that fun time together. And you are right, Iron Craft is more about the doing & finding time to be creative than the actual final creation.


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