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How Iron Craft Helps Me Have More Faith in Myself.

One of my goals for this year is to have more faith in myself, feel a bit more confident, build on my self-esteem. I set goals and make genuine efforts to achieve them. Some are big and many are little things that can be done easily if I set my mind to it. A sense of accomplishment is what helps me feel more confident. So while I am feeling a bit overloaded with all my projects, including my Board work, I do feel expending all this energy is good for me. I'm trying to stay airborne!

The Iron Craft challenge this week is ethnic crafting. As usual, I got frustrated thinking I should explore something Swedish or Norwegian, both parts of my husband's and my daughter's ethnic background. At the same time I was thinking that although Gujarati culture is part of my background, I was removed from it for a lot of my life, and therefore, it might classify as "something dedicated to, or inspired by, a country other than your own."

The funny thing is that I did all this ruminating while working on a dream catcher for my daughter's bedroom. Dream catcher! Silly me - I had an ethnic project right there in my hands while I was struggling to think of a project. I guess this is one of the dangers of staying airborne - always thinking there is something else I should be doing.

This project has taken on many forms since last summer. We gathered materials throughout 2012: the branch, the thread, the feather and the bead. It was done, then taken apart many times as I could not figure out how to weave the web just right. Finally I turned to the Internet and found a tutorial. It was much easier than I thought it was going to be and I was done weaving the thread in minutes, never even thinking to take a photo.

But there were feathers that needed to be attached which took me a while longer. I wanted to incorporate all the various crow and sea-gull feathers. There's even a little yellow finch feather that inspired the yellow thread. Hanging each one separately wasn't working for me so I bunched them all together and attached to the side.

Through this project I learned how to weave a dreamcatcher and I imagine making more as more treasures are found. And, I learned to have more faith in myself - faith that I will find a way to accomplish my goals and knowing that to accomplish these goals I may just need to open my eyes and see what's right in front of me.


  1. Yeah, sometimes you just have to make something instead of waiting for the perfect idea. I find Im often surprised at what I end up with.


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