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So can you.

122 - 124 Minneapolis Public School Nutrition Center

Because of the root canal earlier this week, my energy has been low yet the days have seemed to be extra busy.  This week has been full of EFC Board related work.  One of the highlights of this week was a tour of the facility that makes school lunches from scratch for the Minneapolis Public Schools.

I've been out and about gathering information, locating resources and making connections for the MN Food Forums that we hope to launch this Fall.  One of the places I got to tour was the Minneapolis Public Schools Nutrition Center.  

Yes, I did say this facility was making school lunches from scratch.  Director Bertrand Weber is doing amazing things for the kids of Minneapolis, slowly transforming warming kitchens to fully functioning kitchens again.  They are serving free-range locally raised turkey meat and organic produce.  All coming in within budget, in fact providing these lunches (and breakfast) for $1.03 per student.  You bet I'll be sharing more information about this because it is fascinating.

I'll say more later but I want to share these first few photos.