Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

bare bones and big waves on the shores of Lake Superior

Our second full day on the North Shore of Superior and we got a bright sunny one.  The wind picked up and waves started singing.

I cut away here because of the number of photos.

We woke to crashing waves that could be heard with the windows shut, crashing down over the old, broken dock and onto the glacier-ridden stones of the shore.

Naptime brought us inland, a drive on a dirt road, considering the dream of purchasing land in the woods.

Surrounded by the bare bones of the Spring trees, bright and coursing with life that 's about to bud into leaves.

I'm relishing this new experience. the bright blue of the sky, the crisp contrasts of the poplar and birch.

Eventually we found our way back down to the Lake.

And to the crashing waves at Sugar Loaf Cove beach.

We could hear the rounded and polished stones being pushed back and forth by the surf.

What a long day, not entirely delightful but enough so that I feel content.  Reading the local reality listings, we realized with some resourceful financing we could maybe, just maybe, buy some land inland from the Superior shore.  We would then have many years to build a retreat with a mighty fine view of the Lake through the trees because much of this land slopes up into the Sawtooth Mountains, very-old rounded, wooded mountains.  This could all just be a dream, but one definitely worth looking into.  I have visions of solar power and another trailer, something small and self-sustaining.

The last time we were at Sugar Loaf Cove beach it was all Autumn tranquility in a time known for the gales of November.  Just like today, we had a picnic on the rocks.  Today was not a time for photos of the family picnic.  It was a time to surrender the unwanted voices in my head to the thunder of the crashing waves.  A time to get the lunch (cheese, jackalope summer sausage, crackers, strawberries and oranges, water and coffee) laid out with my back to the wind.  A time to settle down on the large driftwood and take in sustenance   All the while looking about me for the perfect rounded rocks to take home (for some us as serenity stones, for the littlest of us as an item for show-and-tell).

The bare bones of the trees and the big waves on the Lake forced me to gaze upon myself and confront the tumultuous feelings in my gut, not through thought, but by the pound of the surf in my own heart. Today seems to be about rounded things, and rounded thoughts, and the all the circles of life that wind back on itself until we get it right and then, get primed for new experience, light of weight and full of our own intentions.