Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Similarities between me and the Temperance River

There were record amounts of snow this last winter with one of the largest snowfalls just last week.  So far, the best parts of this trip Up North are the rushing rivers that crash into the rocks and flow out into Lake Superior with a muddy, bubbly mess of Spring runoff.  

The Temperance River takes on many moods, all new to me as I'm used to the relative calm of the Autumn flow. At times I see anger and aggression in the water as it curls towards a whirlpool plunge.  Other times there is triumph and exultant energy in the bubbles and white water of river.

We are on vacation, a Mother's Day trip.  Both me and Shunkins are sick and cranky.  So far the trip has been part wonder, part frustration with small moments of peace and relaxation.  All the moods that Spring has to offer, I think.  Thank goodness D is there to pull us back into retreat mode.

The day started bright.

Then it got gray and gloomy.

But the sun came out again and we went into adventure mode.

The Temperance River

the gnarly roots

the raging river gorge

the shunkins

the new

the old

the dry curly grasses

Today's lunch spot

The view from the blanket

The eager seagull that freaked out my daughter.*

Old boots.

The Nap Spot

Peace enough to take in all my surroundings.

Seeing all around me.

It was fun to see her sunglasses on the dash. She changes the path we take in this life, this view we have in so many delightful ways. We found a nap spot at the end of a forest road at a campgrounds located on the Temperance, some 15 miles from the shore.  It was relaxing having a few quiet moments to myself and a few more with my man.  Today I challenged myself to use only manual settings in my camera.  I had lots of great photos, but also many that weren't quite right.  I realized this is what I needed to come to terms with.  It was inevitable with film and I should treat it as such with digital.  How interesting to discover my judgments about digital photography and the expectations I put on myself.  

A lone goose hung out right by the condo deck at the point where the large rock shore begins for most of  the evenit. D and I played dice and listened to CDs, new music that has been in our lives for months and years now yet still unknown.  Two things: 1.  I remember Anthony Bourdain wrote about the pain of listening to music from a great period in life.  He voiced something I've felt for a while. I decided to make new memories with new music.  2. I've also read that a couple should have at least one indoor game and one outdoor activity to share with each other in order to find a sustainable relationship.  Our current indoor activity is sitting in front of a fire, tossing dice, drinking cocktails and listening to music.  Making new memories from the time we spend together.

Taking a few minutes to review my photos and write out my feelings allows me to see that I had much in common with the Temperance River today.  All my moods were intensely felt and mirrored back in the natural elements around me.  Makes me feel better about today, no, actually, it makes me feel great about today.

*In the Turtle's Tale a seagull swoops down and nabs Sammy the turtle.  While this is slightly terrifying, this is the time when Sammy meets the love of his life - Shelly.  Couple this scene with an experience the Shunkins and I had down in Florida where a seagull swooped down on me and snatched a sandwich out of my hands.  My daughter has a healthy fear of seagulls.  I think I do, too.


  1. Nice to read a longer narrative from you. Thanks for this thoughtful post.

    1. Deonne - thanks for your kind words which I take as encouragement. Finally a few days where I can find some time to gather my thoughts.


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