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So can you.

catch-up time 140 - 144

I decided that I am most certainly not ready to abandon my Lotus 365 project!

I have taken many photos in the last couple of weeks.  I just decided to let myself slowly get back into the daily routine, so now it's time to catch-up on those photos I did not post.

There is another reason I wanted to catch-up right now, as in this very hour of this very afternoon.  I am headed to Austin tomorrow and my camera will be with me at all times.   I wanted to resume my daily posting from Austin.

140 - my dental x-rays

141 - the corner of my therapist's office

142 - CSA time!

143 - Spring is finally here!

144 - All the rain this Spring is bringing out the mushrooms in the yard.


  1. I'm surprised your CSA has anything to deliver yet this year!


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