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So can you.

Memorial Day weekend photos 145 - 147

Here's the thing about Memorial Day weekend - it's the first long weekend that's warm enough to really enjoy ourselves at the trailer.  But the trailer is in the woods of Wisconsin and it's prime tick season.  I had read online that the tick season is especially bad this year.  Every year I decided upon a threshold of ticks that I can bear and when we reach that threshold, we leave.  I decided with a small number this year. 10.  Niobe has really long hair this year and when I do find ticks on her, it's usually on her scalp so I didn't want to risk too many.

The other issue this year is that I didn't want to scare her.  I didn't want her to feel that there was anything to be frightened of at the trailer.  So I had to think hard about how to handle the ticks.  I had prepare myself to react mildly if I was to find a tick on her.

The great thing about this Memorial Day weekend is that I only found 3 ticks.  D found more, but then he was taking down a dead tree and chopping woods.  So my fears and anxiety for nothing.  I didn't find a single tick on my beautiful girl.  It was a fantastic weekend for many reasons but mostly because tick season hadn't come to a peak in the area.





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