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Iron Craft #13 - Eye of the Needle

The latest Iron Craft challenge was to spend a few hours with a needle.

So, journals.  Fifteen years ago I found some simple instructions on how to make journals.  It requires a bit of sewing so I thought it would be a good Iron Craft project.  I needed to make more anyway so everything came together in wonderful moment of synchronicity.

I went and bought some cardstock, came home and promptly found a huge stack of cardstock just waiting for me.  Oh well.  I really need to go through my craft supply to assess what I have.

This project requires cardstock, paper (I use printer paper), floss, an awl and an embroidery needle.  The longest part of this project is folding the paper.  Once it's all prepped, the sewing goes rather fast.

I made two and just in time.  I needed a new journal and began writing in it on the Solstice.  What a great way to start the season!

This project is best done in batches.  I wish I had enough time to make at least four more.  I'm sure I'll get around to it again sometime soon.

If you want to learn how to do this, contact me.  I'll type up the instructions.  I hope to teach a community education class this fall on DIY journals so I need to type up the instructions anyway.  But I haven't done it yet.

It sure felt good to get this project done and to have the opportunity to participate in Iron Craft!


  1. So nice. I carry little moleskin journals with me all the time and have never ventured to make my own.

  2. I love them! What a great idea and it seems so simple - that even I could do it! :)


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