Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

a tree falls in the woods

One of the goals on Friday was to take down three old poplars from the the tent site on the north side of our woodland property.  It was prep for practice camping with the little one in a place that feels safe and like home.

The poplar tree fell in the opposite direction from which it was intended.  There were heart thumping moments of panic, then a few hours of struggle to unloose it from the nearby birch.  The birch we speak for and hope to save.  We attached rope to the jeep, a futile attempt to pull the poplar loose, but the rope snapped with a sickening twang.  The chainsaw bent and that sent D to the hardware store for a new, more powerful one.

In the end he saved the birch and now the poplar will be chopped for the woodpile.

A good resolution to the day's drama.  Later we talked about all that we both learned from the experience and he expressed a desire to teach this to our daughter.  I love that about him.