Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.


(225)  This photo is fitting for what I'm thinking about today and I think that's what led me to take this photo and to choose this photo from a set of otherwise spectacular day of photos at the zoo today.

I've been back and forth about blogging. I had an anonymous blog for many years somewhere else that focused on more adult content (sounds scandalous, doesn't it, but it really isn't).  I ended that when I got knocked up.  I started a group blog a couple of years ago with a bunch of Mamas, but decided to shut that down at the very beginning of summer in hopes of focusing on writing here.  But now I'm rethinking that, too.
I am not planning on shutting down this site because I do use it as a photographic record for the little Lotus Bud, for my own photography goals, for some journaling.   However, I have come to some better understanding about what it means to me.  Maybe I knew it all along.

I think many people i know look to blogging as a way to share with a large number of people the writing they do, the projects, the recipes, the fun.  And these people I'm thinking about are very successful, some more than others, but all are people I admire and read on a daily basis or would read on a daily basis if they blogged that much.

I think a lot of people begin blogging in the hopes of emulating that success.  I was one of those and also one of those that cannot find the energy to do the work that produces that sort of readership.  I fretted about this for too long and now that's over.

The conclusions I've drawn this summer is that I no longer want to feel the self-imposed pressure to do certain things on my blog, which honestly I stopped doing a while ago.  Now i will quietly continue to do my photography, the Iron Craft projects when I get the time, and some random bursts of words when the mood strikes me.

Heh.  Not really anything new around these interwebs.  Just a realization I had this summer as I've been working on my insides and finding who I am in this 4th decade of my life.

Time for a new tattoo.