Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

changing seasons

While Fall has always been my favorite season, it has taken a special significance for me this year.  I am changing as much as the natural environment that surrounds me.  I am taking on color and feel nourished by the cool rain.  I am chasing the sun as it pops in and out, shining little spotlights that allow me to see with clarity and vibrancy all that is good in my life.  All that I have been working for, building towards, and dreaming about is manifesting and becoming a solid reality.

I did a lot of work on myself in 2013.  I put in time exploring myself.  I carved out me-time and while that did involve some shopping and photographing, it mostly had to do with journaling and giving my dreams serious attention.   I learned to trust myself, I learned that I could really be my own friend.  Working on myself helped me be a better mother.  I am enjoying my relationship with my husband like never before (and yes, the sex has gotten even better!).

I took some online courses that helped me bust through the veils to see how I was getting in my own way.  It began with a photo course in January that validated my passion for photography.  It continued in June with a pathfinder course that helped me figure out where it is that I wanted to go.  It culminated in Mondo Beyondo that helped me see that my dreams are within my reach and that my dreams were made specifically for me.  Mondo Beyondo helped me see that I was already living my dreams and that through some tiny steps I could reach for more.

Changing seasons, changing me.

I'm teaching at the University again.  Only this time I get to teach what I want to teach to whom I want, and they are paying me really well.  This opportunity opened up yet another one in a different college.  I feel like I'm creating my own job.  I am taking on a leadership role with the Co-op's Board of Directors and along with that comes more public speaking.  D and I have finally made a decision about how to celebrate our 20 year anniversary.  And my little one?  Well she's entered a phase where she is far more agreeable to my suggestions and she's learning how to have engaging interactions with those around her.  It's so much fun to see her personality changing and evolving into this thoughtful, compassionate child.

See!  All very, very good.

Not unlike the gorgeous yellow and crimson trees on my block.  Today there is rain but tomorrow there might be snow.  And I am ready for the challenge.  I look forward to those activities of winter, most of them being inside and surrounded by my family.  Others allows me to test my outdoor hardiness.

Daylight Savings came at the perfect time.  This summer I started going to bed earlier and taking some time each evening to reflect and journal.  DST helped me get back on track and actually gave me a sense of more available time.  I am determined to use this time even if it's just an hour.

Right before I started capturing these images, I lit myself on fire.  My wool sweater caught and very quickly, I was engulfed in flames.  The fire spread fast up my sleeves, across my chest and back, and left my sweater clear of fuzzballs.  I smelled like BBQ.  It's happened to me before and I'm grateful that my hair has never caught on fire and that my sweaters get fuzz-free.

I had to laugh!  What better way to acknowledge all the changes in me?  I'm on fire.  And what remains after the fuzz and junk is burned off?  Someone who is true to me and to myself and to my family and most importantly, to my dreams.


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  1. so glad you're making your dreams a reality, but lets try avoid setting yourself on fire again, okay? I'm very interested, what are you teaching?

  2. Mesmerizing post, Manisha. So happy for you.


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