Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

getting into the right frame of mind


Usually we arrive in Moab, Utah late a night, desperate to be off the road, hungry, anxious, tired, etc.  This time was entirely different from any time before because we spent the previous night just three hours away in Colorado.  We took the scenic drive which was stunning, beautiful and, ahem, curvaceous.  Some of us were feeling a wee bit carsick despite the majesty of our environment.  The Big D pulled off the road by a Colorado River boat-launch and we all tried to acclimate.  It took me a while to adjust to my camera, after spending a couple of days with D's iphone.*

I wasn't feeling it for quite awhile.  Clicking here and there, struggling with the angle of the sun, facing upriver, wanting to capture it all but never coming close.

You can't tell from this photo that she's just now off the edge of vomit.  D got her throwing rocks into the river, the fresh air plied its healing, and the shutter sounds picked up speed.

It wasn't until I turned down river that I felt the magic flow around me.  Technically not the best image, heart-fully the one that was perfect.  I guess I needed to submit to the river current.  Everything started to sparkle.

I saw Dave start to blend into the landscape.

The wind brought these buds to a shiver.  I wanted to capture the red/orange rock of the area in a different way than I have done before.

I wanted to see if I could represent its grandeur from a different angle, as an all-encompassing backdrop which in a very real way is true, just very difficult to capture.

So what did I learn?  I leaned into the direction of the river current.  I changed my background visions.  And I decided to sweat the small stuff.

I have enjoyed these photos so much that I want to find a place in town to print them out for my journal which is actually harder than it sounds.

This is how vacation should be: full of wonder, rest, marvel, love, learning, flow.

*  Taking photographs for a 365 project with the iphone is a totally different experience than with my DSLR.  I was a bit more conservative with my captures and was thinking a lot longer about getting that one shot which represented the glories of the day.  I wonder if I should get me a smart phone and try another 365 project for 2014?