Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

mad cow

The day would have been a bust if it wasn't for this cow.


The day started wet but no actual rain and the Jeep trail started with beauty.  We were energized by the outstanding trip on thanksgiving, we were hopeful and looking forward to the destination: Picture Frame Arch, a supposedly great place for kids.  This trail was rated easier than Tusher Tunnel yet it was in wilder country.

Jolting and bumpy, rugged and beautiful for about an hour, up until we reached the arch.  We quickly found ourselves in a serious situation, literally on the edge of a trail rated the second most difficult in the Moab area: metal-crushing, tip-over potential ledges and all.

We stopped at the picture frame arch to assess our situation, hoping still to enjoy the destination at least.  But no, there was no safe way to walk up to the arch.  Looking at it from a distance was overwhelmed with thoughts of how to get out without damage, which in the end was no big deal, just a wee bit terrifying for this Minneapolis mama.

We got out without incident, of course, and were happily making our way to the main road when we encountered our next obstacle.

Veteran Jeepers would, no doubt, laugh at my fear.  The thing that makes situations like this difficult for me is that usually we are out in the middle of nowhere all by ourselves.  Many Jeepers do trails like these as group outings such as the Jeep safaris, where there are plenty of experts and spotters around to guide and help if something were to go terrifyingly wrong.  Not once when we have been in a situation has there been anyone else around.

Despite the less than ideal conditions, there were no tears shed by me.  I was relieved when D agreed to the suggestion that we just return to town rather than continue to the Lookout point 8.5 miles down the road (doing just 8.5 miles would have added at least another hour, one-way).

Back in town I proceeded to seek out shopping therapy while Bud and D headed to the playground.  I further drowned my woes in a fresh-line margarita, well-deserved I think.

Tomorrow is our last day and all we have planned is a hike starting just a couple miles out of town.

Today's words?  Terror, anxiety, relief, hilarity, drunkenness.