Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

the cold is settling in

I took these photos early this morning right before I left for the University.  It's the last class I will teach this year.  I'm glad to be done and a little bit sad that I won't see many of these students again.  However, I was told that my return for the Spring courses is based on my availability.  I do believe I will make room in my schedule for this continued opportunity.

And talking about schedules - I vow to manage my time better in December.  It's a good time to begin putting new habits in place for how I want to live in the new year.  I am already feeling overwhelmed by the new responsibilities in my life and these are just weeks old.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Utah at 5am.  I'm looking forward to leaving the city, leaving the cold and leaving my calendar.  I am going to carve out some time for me to explore the new directions in my life and consider whether they intersect with my passions.  This will be the focus of my nightly journaling.  I think by squaring away some ideas about my values and dreams, I will feel a renewed sense of commitment.  I hope to come back with a stronger sense of my path and a stronger connection to my family.  I will drive thousands of miles away to find myself again.  

I also plan to come back with a new knitted hat and leg warmers for the lotus bud.