Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

warmer climates


This an orange tree, I think, that was in the courtyard of the carriage house where we stayed in New Orleans.  I'm not certain because they were so small and I didn't have the heart to pick one and peel it because of the total perfection of the sight of citrus growing and thriving outside.  This is one of those things I will likely never see in Minneapolis and with the temps staying arctic cold, any sort of warmer climate feels like a distant dream that will never become a reality.

Bah!  I hate to complain about MN weather because I do choose to live here, but with the wind picking up and the subzero temps nowhere near gone, I'm starting to feel a bit peeved that mother nature has given us all the cold shoulder.  I remember telling a friend back in December that the cold temps would be gone in a week or so.  Man, I was so wrong!  Now it's the end of February and meteorological spring starts this Saturday.  Ugh!