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Attitude of Gratitude - frozen

Some days are warm and some days we are back in the cold.  That's just how life is these days in the upper midwest.  Some days are good and some are not so good.  That's just how life is these days in the mind of a midwest lotus.

So much to be grateful for beginning with an unusual one (for me, anyway):  FROZEN!  I don't know who loves this disney movie more...me or the lotus bud?  And the words to its iconic song fit my life in so many different ways:  "The cold never bothered me anyway."

Here's a run down of my feelings of gratitude which all came in one day and some weeks are just like that - a day full of good things that make up for all the hectic busyness of the week. 

 : A DAY SPENT OUT IN THE WOODS!  Picturesque on the outside, mouse-poopy on the inside.  With the furnace on, the trailer actually warmed up and I felt a bit of regret for our plan to return to the city.


 :  MELTING SNOW - a sure sign of warm weather to come.

:  AN ICY FIRE - one the things I missed throughout the months of this past polar vortex winter.  See how we had to dig down in order to get to the firepit?

:  FAMILY - we are such good sports!  Determined to spend time out in the woods, each one of us made an effort to extend the time there.

: YOGA - a new way to practice downward dog.

: COCKTAILS - this one is a no-brainer but how I got there made me go "duh!"  You see I've always thought of cocktails as something that must follow a recipe and that a cocktail isn't a cocktail without a snazzy name attached.  I came to an understanding of what "craft cocktails" are and realized I can craft my own cocktails.  Duh!  This one is whiskey, lemonade, decaf iced tea with a squeeze of lemon.  It was the perfect way to end a lovely day out in the snow, a perfect way to start dreaming about Spring.  I'm calling it "Whiskey Springrise."

: MEDITATION PRACTICE - I started one this week and it's going well, just 5 minutes of guided meditations followed by 15 minutes of journaling.

: PHOTOGRAPHY - keeps me sane and helps me reflect on each day.  I struggled with catch up for most of this year and now I'm struggling with abundance which is a much better struggle.  I can live with that.

That's my list of gratitudes.  What makes you feel an attitude of gratitude?


  1. I'm grateful for friends near and far : )


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