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attitude of gratitude


In the last week of February these are my moments of gratitude.

:  It's the last week of February and the the end of meteorological winter, not that it means much in terms of the arctic cold that's taken hold the region, but that's OK because I know it will come to an end and I've decided to relish these last few days of frigid cold.
:  Family dinner becomes more pleasant which each passing meal.  Dave's been cooking a lot of the weekends due to my weekend commitments and we've been eating a lot of crab and steak.
:  Little Lotus Bud loves shrimp and crab and quiche.  She even asks for seconds.  This is a huge development in this house.  Although she doesn't like potatoes or squash, she devours a quiche filled with those vegetables.
:  Little Lotus Bud finally fell off the bed.  The little monkey loves jumping on our tall bed and I knew the day would come when she fell and broke her little head.  Fortunately she just got a big bump and fortunately, she's stopped jumping so much.
:  I've finally returned to the part of my routine where I have days to myself and I get to fill those days with cleaning, work and music.  A clean house makes everything else run smooth, makes work easier to complete.  Music makes everything fine.
:  I feel so thankful for the abundant sunshine that has finally returned to this part of the earth.
:  I know the face of my own personal gremlin and I'm getting better at noticing her invasion into my mind.
:  I'm so grateful for the fact that my hubby works hard to keep us financially secure.
:  The store manager at EFC introduced me to a new member of his staff.  He said "This is Manisha, the Board President.  She is awesome and we love her."  Wow!  Just Wow!  I didn't know I needed that sort of affirmation until it unexpectedly floated onto my path.
:  We had our 2014 winter retreat yesterday, at Open Book which is my favorite place to spend my days indoors doing some serious work.  It was a difficult and strenuous retreat, but we got it done and left with a sense of team and community.

I had a tarot reading done on our anniversary and it was surprisingly accurate and I intend to write more about it later.  For now, I will say that JT (the tarot reader) said that life is good and that I need to take the time for gratitude and ritual.  I have shifted my daily journaling to the morning and begin each day with gratitude practice.  And today I'm going to begin a new ritual of recording the week's worth of gratitude on Sundays because there's never enough ways to express gratitude about life.


  1. Beautiful words and photos! Hoping spring comes to you in full very soon.


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