Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

note to self: no selfies in the morning!


That's because my face seems so bloated, but alas these is my daily photos so post I must.

I've made a commitment to have more photos of myself.  And since I need a photo for the bi-monthly Co-op newsletter that accompanies my article, I've decided to do a different selfie for each edition.  I figure that I've got to get my face out there, not only for the EFC Co-op community but also to show the diversity reflected in our NE Minneapolis community.  What better way than to start with myself?

Recently I got this message from the Universe:

When you look at old photos, Manisha, it's obvious isn't it?  You were good-looking back then.  Really good-looking.  Yet somehow, at the time, you didn't quite believe it.

Manisha, learn from yesterday, because today you're even better looking than you were then.  Way better.  You're smarter, too.  Funnier.  Wiser.  More compassionate.  Less serious.  And you're totally sauntering!

Just thought you should know.

The Universe

Now Manisha, about some of the old clothes you're still wearing...let's just say, they haven't aged as gracefully as you.

This seems a good challenge to me, the challenge to appreciate this 42 year old woman that I am.


  1. I love the selfies! And the wise and spunky advice from the universe. Keep on sauntering!


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