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So can you.

soothing the jumble of emotions


I turn to journaling to soothe my emotions.  I tend to find quiet spaces at home to sort through my emotions, but I found myself at a coffee shop this morning waiting for a meeting to start.  There was a lot of noise and commotion around me.  I like the thought of spending time in coffee shops, filling pages in my journal.  Reality is that I can't get into true head space because I'm busy looking around, catching bits of conversations happening around me, keeping an eye out for people I may know (and I always seem to sight people I would rather avoid).  Perhaps I should try coffee shops that are not in my neighborhood but it seems like a hassle to travel away to find my head space when I can use the quiet spaces in my home.

I keep trying to manage my time better.  I keep trying to free up time for myself.  I want to get together with other knitters.  I want to spend some time finishing posts about New Orleans.  I want to bask in the sunshine.  I want, I want, I want.


  1. Manisha, the phrase "trying to manage my time better" jumped at me. I have been trying to find better ways to manage my time for years, and finally 2 years ago I discovered KANBAN! Check it out. We as a family adapted and it worked like a charm. We use leankitkanban to maintain our tasks online. Their app is cool too.


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