Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

photo of my photo


There's a new coffee shop in NE Minneapolis and it might be too cool for me.  But I've shrugged that thought aside and decided to tap into my inner hipster - after all, I do have a tattoo.  The Spyhouse has done a fantastic job of using this space.  Lots of new energy is moving into my hood and while I'm thrilled by it all, I also can't get the word "gentrification" out of my head.  The great thing about all this development is the emphasis on retaining the warehouse feel of the area.  I certainly am invested in the development of the Central Avenue as this only benefits our local co-op.  My hope is that the multitude of ethnic grocery stores and restaurants are not run out due to increased rents and increasing property values.

So I spent the morning faking it, acting like I was meant to be there in this ultra, uber cool space.  I think it was the journal that kept me grounded.  I'm feeling so old school these days!  A journal, a paper calendar, a flip phone.  All these things suddenly became retro in just a few short years.

I can hardly recognize the view out of the window.  Where's the snow and ice?  Gone, gone, gone...for at least another day.