Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

Spring starts out small


Small seeds, small buds, small patches of green and small amounts of warmth from the sun. It feels so right, so perfect. 

My day started early and big. A big community meeting, a big voice for introductions, big conversations with Co-op Owners, big muffins, big cups of coffee. Only to return home to the big amount of attention I give to my daughter on these days that designated for time spent with her.

I get a lot of serenity and relief from today's small pocket of time to post a photo. I look back at last year's 100th photo and remember the scramble to take a photo, to post something, anything. This year seems more relaxed with a heck of lot less frantic urgency. I've made some good decisions about my 2014 photo project and it brings me a small spark of joy which is exactly the right amount for the present moment.


  1. Beautiful photo! I'm loving these meditations on spring as I sit here by an open window with the sun keeping me warm. :)

    1. Jenny - suddenly it is Spring! You and me? We are hardy, my friend and now we get to revel in the warmth.


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