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the book project

Well, I had a light week and having nothing to do drove me a little batty. I confess that I took on another project BUT this one has no deadlines and it brings some structure to my evenings at home. I am very curious about book binding and I don't have the time (or the inclination, to be honest) to take on a course. I also don't have the patience to wait until my schedule clears up so I turned to a book.

I have the bad habit of buying DIY books and only trying those things that interests me which means I don't usually go beyond what I already know and my desire to do it a little better. This book has changed that for me in terms of book binding.

I have decided to try every project in this book. This is the sort of thing that will keep me occupied for years and I love that! The book is especially helpful because with each tutorial there is an example of how the book was artistically crafted.

The first one is the "X Book" and again, it is not something I was immediately drawn to so I credit The Vikings for getting me started (the gore and violence in The Vikings had me grossed out so this kept me entertained during the bloody parts while my husband got his dose of television). Also I was thinking about the recent Iron Craft challenge and even though I hadn't completed this project in time I must say that it was immensely inspiring.

See that little example on the top left corner of the book? That is what got my creative juices going. I decided to do a little book with some of my Spring photos paired with Rumi.

I love the way Alisa Golden talks the reader through the project, not only in each tutorial but also in the introductory pages. Handling content? Mock-ups? Printing? She begins by saying have a project in mind, choose a title. All of this insists that book binding should be done with a purpose. It's not just about learning the technique but applying that technique.

I got into book binding so that I could make my own journals, now I feel like the sky's the limit!


I put my new little X Book by my bedside table and I read through it right before I go to bed, a nightly meditation. I'm thinking this technique will be good for birthday cards, Father's Day cards, etc. I also added my website URL to the back and imagine leaving these sitting around at coffee shops. I haven't had the courage to do that yet but who knows what the future will bring.


  1. Wonderful! I will have to look for that book too. While I was at Goddard residency this time, I gravitated yet again to the emergency fund table. Each residency, a few of the staff volunteer to collect, make and present things by donation and for donation. They put up a table during that residency and take donations of the objects they collected. This time, one of the archivists volunteered to raise money for the student emergency fund. He took old paper detritus from the Goddard archives. Old maps, pictures, etc and created little notebooks with them. Of all things, he used a sewing machine and some nice binding tape over it. The books were beautiful! I bought one with a picture of the Goddard clockhouse on it as a gift for Paul. I thought it a clever example of book making. I'll have to do a post on it some time soon. I hope you'll share more of your efforts at book making. This one was wonderful!

    1. Yvonne - I hope you do that post because I would love to see the book! I plan to share all my book making projects. I'm not quite done with this one so hopefully soon you'll see a prettier version of it here. Also, please email me with your address because I'd like to send you one of my RumiSpring books and also I should tell you that I am not on any chat-thingy so we'll have to find some other way to catch up, maybe through snail mail?
      Hope all is well for you!


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