Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

the happy couple

Every Spring I am truly astonished by the wildlife that appears in my backyard.


The ducks are back! I'm glad they appeared last evening rather than this morning. In the past they have had a tendency to announce their arrival early in the morning, suffering what appears to be identity crisis, waking us all up at the crack of dawn with their incessant, insisting quacks.

I'm glad this little lady has already found a mate what with all that I've heard about the brutal way single female ducks are treated later in the season. I followed her around while her mate kept an eye on me from the rooftop. I tried to get the Lotus Bud off the couch to see the ducks, but she was tired. It was her first day out and about after a long three-day battle with a bad flu.

Eventually this couple was sick of me and with a call to one another, they were off into another neighbor's yard.

Compare these photos and you will see that they have some matching feathers.  I do hope they choose our yard again for some egg-laying! Our backyard elm tree is perfect for all sorts of habitation.