Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

The past and present EFC Presidents

Tony, me, Ginny, Leslie, and George. - photo courtesy of Eunice Pitts


Everything in your life, right now, Manisha, is awesome. Everything is in its right place, under grace, and whether or not this makes perfect sense yet, one day it will. And the time swiftly approaches when you'll be exceedingly grateful for all that has brought you to this day and contributed to who you've become, because it is exactly that person who is now poised to live as you have always dreamed you would one day live.

Happy Friday,
    The Universe

P.S. Everything plays to your greater good, Manisha, and it's all lifting you higher and higher into the light, into the love, into your power. And soon you'll be hearing a lot of, "Who did you say does your PR??"

It's uncanny how right on my notes from the Universe have been along with the spot on auspicious notices from my monthly horoscope. PR? Internet video interview? Check and check. I feel in sync with life, I feel like when I open up to the flow everything falls into place.

Last night I was at a video shoot that is part of the capital campaign drive to raise money for our co-op's upcoming 6 million dollar expansion. That number scares me and last night's experience was all that I needed to balance that fear with excitement and enthusiasm.

I didn't realize until last evening that I had the largest speaking part. I suppose I should have noticed this as I am the current president of our board of directors. Duh! The cue cards were just to the right of the camera which was a challenge since I had nearly none of it memorized. I hope I don't appear shifty and untrustworthy as I'm asking our Owners to dish out 1.5 million dollars of their hard earned money!

But forget all of that because it was fun! 

Luna the Great and Powerful

I got photo-bombed by our marketing manager.

"Let it go, let it go. Can't hold me back anymore."

And you better believe I busted out with my own version of Let It Go...ahem...on camera. But noone there had little kids so noone there knew what the heck I was doing or even how sappy I was. Good, all very good.

If anything, it was this video shoot that confirmed for me that I am the right one for this leadership role at this particular time in the Co-op's history. I loved doing it and I look forward to more opportunities to reach out to my community.


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