Loosened from the mud, I find myself floating in a world of possibility.

So can you.

the radish


CSA (community supported agriculture) season is just a few weeks away. My CSA goes from May until January with the final month full of loads of root vegetables to last me for quite a while. It is usually in March and April that I start buying more vegetables at the Co-op. I am one of those board members that is not ranked as a "top shopper" but I'm OK with that (finally) knowing that I spread my money around. Today I bought a ton at the Co-op because I just couldn't wait any longer for some fresh vegetables. We had big salads for dinner and I feel so good now imagining all the nutrition coursing through my body (and yes, today I have a touch of the dramatic in me).

Anyway, so it is because of the CSA that I am fond of radishes. They seem exactly what I need to flush out those cold weather toxins from my body. I'm sure there is some science in that, some local wisdom about eating in season and maybe someday I'll pin that down. But for today I'm just going to feel good.